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The security label for DeFi & Blockchain.
Analyze & monitor blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.

+$12,000,000 USD worth of assets secured

Safetin makes sure your code works fine.

We have inherited the method and logic from the Greeks. Our auditing technique includes logical analysis, testing and proposing fixes and optimizations to your code. We build your project, together.

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Safetin builds trust for your project.

Our unwavering efficiency has allowed us to establish Safetin as a security label for Blokchain and DeFi technologies. We work for you, but also for the entire ecosystem.

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MK II, your armor against Web3 scams.

MK II is the most powerful tool for avoiding DeFi scams but also for finding relevant data that can give you an unfair advantage as an investor - find all the information you need about a project, in one place.

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