Here are some examples of projects produced by Safetin can be found on this page.
Built in 48 hours
Coin & portfolio tracking
Mobula's Advanced Searches tool allows precision token hunting based on market metrics and social data, enabling users to pinpoint the ideal cryptocurrency choices swiftly and accurately.
Built in 2 weeks
Token security scanner
StaySAFU is a web-based project that provides an advanced scanning solution for cryptocurrency token addresses, delivering comprehensive analysis including tax implications, and more.
Built in 2 weeks
Web3 betting game
Onyx is an immersive gaming platform providing users the ability to play games, view leaderboards, and place bets on matches for a dynamic and competitive gaming experience.
Built in 1 week
Token scanner
RuScan is a Telegram bot designed to perform in-depth analysis of cryptocurrency, delivering comprehensive insights directly to your preferred chat environment.